8 Reasons to Use Envisivent Square

8 Reasons to use Envisivent

The benefits of using Envisivent drywall vents and returns.

Envisivent is leading the charge on interior design when it comes to upgrading your home’s ventilation. They aspire to create a flush vent that disappears into the wall while keeping the more traditional look of the vent itself. Meanwhile, Aria Vent is looking to completely revolutionize the ventilation industry while also making moves into niches and nooks, creating a completely modern home design. This week we will be looking at why you may want to consider Envisivent over Aria Vent. 

Classic Style For Modern Homes

Having ugly metal grates installed in your home is becoming passe. Sure, you can use grates with designs on them to make them look nicer, but in the end, it just draws attention to something you don’t want to see there. With Envisivent, make your vents blend into the wall and make them invisible.

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Moisture, Mold, and Water Resistant

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to building a home is mold and water damage. Still water and mold attract insects as they are food and water resources for them. Envisivent is made from a reinforced triple fiber cement board which is moisture, mold, and water resistant. You can rest easy that your vents won’t be contributing to the threat of infestation. 

Ready to Paint

Envisivent vents come ready to paint. They have been primed, so there is no need to prime them with the rest of the wall. Once you are ready to paint, go ahead and paint right over them to make the vents blend into the wall creating a beautiful modern traditional look.


Made from triple fiber reinforced cement board Envisivent’s products are built to last. The triple fiber reinforced cement board is impact and moisture-resistant. Cement board is generally used for tile backing and roofs, and now the strength of cement board is coming to your vents.

Can Be Placed Anywhere

Envisivent is available in multiple different sizes allowing you to uniform your home with Envisivent. Here are the following sizes available for air supply:

  • 4” x 10”
  • 4” x 12”
  • 6” x 10” 

We also carry the following sizes for air returns:

  • 14” x 8”
  • 30” x 8”
  • 14” x 8”

 If another size is needed for your situation, feel free to contact us, and we will have our product specialist look into a solution for you.

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Choice Between Seamed and Seamless Vents

Envisivent offers two options that provide different aesthetics. The first is a seamless mud-in aesthetic created with a machined beveled outer edge that makes the vents look like they are a part of the well without any break in between. The second is a seamed removable look. Envisivent achieves this with the use of 4 magnetic tabs on the vent cover.

Eco-friendly manufacturing and non-hazardous

Envisivent supports eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging. Envisivent is made from non-hazardous materials, so you can rest easy knowing your air is clean from any toxic materials from your vents.

Full Airflow Control

Have complete airflow control with Envisivent. Envisivent offers full control over the airflow of your vent so you can get the right amount of airflow you need for a provided room.

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