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New Columbia Carbon Fiber Predator Taping Tools

Columbia Carbon Fiber Tools Revolutionize Drywall Taping Industry

Elevate your drywall taping game with Columbia and their cutting-edge carbon fiber tools. Enjoy superior lightweight durability and operator convenience with the Predator product line. From the Compound Tube to the Matrix Handle series, these tools offer dent-resistant precision tapering and easy cleaning. The revolution in the drywall taping industry is here, providing you with ...
The different types of spray foam

The Different Types of Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is one of the most common forms of insulation. Spray foam insulation is a chemical mixture in liquid form. Spray foam makes a great insulation solution since the volume can be reduced before application meaning you can carry large amounts of foam in a smaller volume.  Once it is applied through a spray foam ...
Spray Foam vs Fiberglass Batt

Spray foam insulation vs Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Spray foam insulation is considered one of the more customer-friendly insulation solutions. Various sorts of insulation can be utilized throughout a build. You can see all of the insulation materials we use in our materials tab. There are a few upsides and downsides between each kind, however, these minor changes can be for the most part overwhelmed ...
Drywall Safety Tips

Drywall Safety Tips

Drywall safety should be taken seriously. Serious injuries and fatalities are always a possibility when safety is not considered while working on a job site. In 2021, the total reported occupational injuries in Canada alone tallied up to 36,736 total incidents with over 40% of these injuries labelled as disabling injuries. This article aims to help inform ...
How to clean Fittes Aria Vents and Envisivent

How to clean Fittes Aria Vents and Envisivents?

Fittes Aria Vents are easy to clean. If you are going to clean your vent, all you need to do is slide and remove the tray or plate. Then open the dampeners and clean out the vent.  For permanent Envisivents, these vents are designed to be a permanent fixture to your vent and wall. These cannot be ...
The different types of sandpaper

What Are The Different Types Of Sandpaper?

Most of our clients hate drywall sanding. Meanwhile, others love it. It means you’re about to be done with your current job and more importantly, you’re about to be paid. However, if you’re new to drywall sanding or your knowledge of drywall sanding is lacking, knowing the type of sandpaper needed for the job can be confusing. ...