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Compound Mix Needed For Automatic Tools

How much water do I need for my drywall tools?

We frequently have contractors new to automatic drywall taping tools ask us how much water they need to add to their joint compound for specific applications with automatic taping tools. This article is planned to give a few essential rules for the various methods of taping with a focus on using automatic taping tools such as flat …

How much water should I add to drywall compound

How Much Water Should I Add to Joint Compound?

Drywall joint compound is a profoundly flexible substance. It’s easy to utilize and it can give texture to any project you need. Regularly, drywall joint compound is utilized to make different drywall textures, including orange peel, popcorn styles, and simple smooth walls. The incredible thing about adding a textured surface to your home’s walls or ceilings is …

How to repair corner metal beads

How to repair a dented steel corner bead

As your home ages, regular repairs need to be made to maintain the structural integrity of the home. Corners are more susceptible to damage than other parts of your home as corners are the most exposed part of the wall and risk being hit by furniture or accident-prone children.   Corners are well protected using what are called …

CanAm Box Filler Blog Post Featured Image

CanAm Box Filler – Fad or Productivity Hack?

CanAm has released a new attachment for their compound tubes. This attachment increases your productivity when it comes to filling your flat boxes. A drywall flat box is a box filled with mud but with a troweling edge used to feather the mud consistently. You run it along joints with tape to apply coats of compound. Flat …

Flush vs Framed Fittes Aria Vents

What is the difference between Fittes Frame Vents and Fittes Flush Vents?

Fittes has been bringing products to the home that creates a minimalist look with their flush vents, niches, receptacle mounts and more. Fittes framed vents are a new addition to their Aria Vent line of vents. Let us take a look at why you may want to use Fittes frame vents over flush vents in certain cases. …

How to install drywall

How to install drywall: step by step

Drywall and drywall installation is a long laborious task that is best hired out to professionals to save time on your project. In this article, we will be going step by step and help you achieve your goal of installing drywall. Step 1: Measure and cut the drywall The most important step in any project is to …