Condo Renovation Tips for 2022

With the increase in residents living in condominium units, homeowners are looking to improve and maximize their living space by using these condo renovating tips. However, renovating a condo is not as simple as renovating a separate home. You are not the only person living inside the building; the square footage is generally smaller than a stand-alone home. There are a few things you need to do before starting renovations.

Get a clear understanding of the rules

There are various policies of the condo board that apply to each new condo renovation. The board might have regulations that could impact your design choices, for example, material for condo drywall selection. The regulations and rules indicate specific times and days you can devote to renovating a condominium.

It is better to be on top of things to avoid having to worry about problems with delivery or scheduling later. In addition, you’ll need a permit or legal authorization prior to starting any project.

Discussing your specific plans with an experienced board member might be better before committing to any decision. This will allow you to better determine your expectations and ensure you are practical with your home design plans.

You can choose to stay elsewhere during the condo remodelling

Another thing to remember is to ensure you have a place to stay during the home renovation process. If you prefer to stay in your home, then you have the option of doing that. However, having that temporary space can mean you’re refreshed and more prepared to work, physically and mentally.

You may stay at a family or friend’s home while the project is under remodelling. In essence, you don’t have to go through the additional problems of moving your belongings around in a way that isn’t necessary.

 Here are some inventive ways to improve your condo living spaces.

Kitchen countertops and backsplash

Countertops and backsplashes can define a kitchen. Think about changing your countertop to a gorgeous quartz slab. You can then complement it with cool backsplashes, which bring the whole design together.

You might want to consider a feature wall for your condo unit

This design element can make any room look stylish. There are numerous options to choose from for creating an accent wall, like wallpaper, wooden panelling or even huge stones made of porcelain.

Make the necessary changes to the lighting features in your condo

Nothing is more boring than a dimly illuminated condominium. Lighting is a significant factor in any condominium as it’s a major aspect that affects the mood of your guests. In the majority of older condos, there isn’t much lighting. The addition of new lighting can be complex as ceilings are constructed of concrete.

One innovative way to add a new light source includes low-profile led lights, which require a soffit size of 2 to 3 inches. Another option for lighting fixtures in a new place is to run conduit wires over the ceiling using moulding that hides the wiring.

Enhancing paint colour

Painting your condo can be an exciting and unique method to refresh your décor. Many contemporary condo designs feature a combination of small and large spaces as well as an open plan.

Companies specializing in condo renovations in Toronto suggest neutral colours for decorating to ensure that more natural light is allowed in. The most important thing is to pick a colour that is right for you. Enjoy dressing your condo while choosing various paint colours for every room. Pick your favourite colours to represent your personal style and then tie them all together with a flowing design.

Closet Space

The majority of condos have limited closet space. To address this issue, look into custom built-in closets. The cabinetry will not only help your room look stunning but also provide an ideal solution for organizing your clothes and other items.

Crown Moulding

Take inspiration from this stylish design element in an area. The installation of a crown moulding drop with string lights inside will give your room an air of luxury.

Maximize The Space You Have In Your Condo

Condos tend to be smaller than traditional dwelling areas. If you are living in a tiny area, the arrangement of your space is the most critical aspect; ensuring you have enough storage and organization will prevent your space from feeling overwhelmed or seeming more diminutive than it is. The most well-known companies for condo renovations recommend that the best method to get the most value out of your space is to mix storage with style.

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