Exterior Drywall

Exterior Drywall

Exterior drywall is a special type of drywall panel that is used for exterior walls for buildings. Exterior drywall is moisture resistant and contains a noncombustible core thus making it fire resistant as well. These exterior walls are preferred among most contractors as it contains no wood so insects that are attracted to wood are deterred from interferring with these materials. 

Exterior drywall is used as a base and first layor for building exteriors. There are many other materials that can be used in addition to exterior drywall and these are brick and stone veneers, stucco systems, exterior insulation, metal panels, wood, vinyl or composite slidings and wood shakes and shingles. 

Fire-Rated Drywall

Fire Rated Drywall

Fire rated drywall is a system of drywall that is fire resistant. There are two types of fire rated drywall the first is Type X and the second is Type C. The differences between these two systems is that Type C is slightly more fire resistant. 

Fire rated drywall is not made to be installed in every room as it is more expensive than plain drywall. Fire resistant drywall are typically installed in furnance or utility rooms where building codes require them. 

Moisture-Resistant Drywall

Moisture resistant drywall

Moisture resistant drywall is used in places that are prone to moisture. The ideal places for moisture resistant drywall to be installed would be kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and storage areas. 

In Canada, this moisture resistant drywall is required as a base for waterproof finishes including ceramic tiles.

While moisture resistant drywall is recommended for bathrooms, it is NOT recommend for places that have an excessive amount of humidty. These places include saunas, gang shower rooms, and swimming pool enclosures. 

Plain Drywall

Plain Drywall

Plain drywall is also known as plaster board, gypsum board, or sheet rock, has many different names and is the most common type of drywall used in most interior constructions. 

Plain drywall is made from a material named gypsum and is embedded between two sheets of thick paper. The material can be mixed with other additives that creates different types of drywall including fire resistant and moisture resistant drywall. 

Cement-Board & Tile Backer

Tile Backer

Tile backer board is made specifically for tiling projects. Tile backer boards offer more versatility when it comes to applying titles.

Tile backers create a waterproof seal behind tiles. They are often used in wet rooms such as bathrooms for bathroom tiles. 

Tile backer boards are also used as insulation in conjunction with electric underfloor heating. 

Specialty Drywall

Specialty Drywall

Specialty drywall is drywall made for a specific purpose. One of the most common specialty drywall products is silentFX from CertainTeed which is used for sound dampening for audio recording rooms. 

Other type of specialty drywall include high impact and durable drywall sheets which are much stronger than your regular plain drywall.

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