The Advantages of using level 5 bazooka

Level 5 Automatic Taper

A Level 5 Bazooka is also known as an Automatic Taper. These automatic tapers are an incredibly useful tool that applies both tape and mud at the same time, cutting down on the time it takes to pre-fill and apply tape. Here are some of the benefits of using this level 5 bazooka:

  1. Durable
  2. Ultra Fast Taping
  3. Great Way To Start Automatic Taping
  4. Easy to Clean
  5. 2023 Updates


Level 5’s taping tools are an industry-leading brand that many contractors rely on because of their durability. Able to withstand physical abuse and everyday wear and tear, you can count on the Level 5 Bazooka drywall tools.

Ultra Fast Taping

Improve your taping game with the Level 5 Bazooka drywall tool. This tool is the best investment in your business for independent contractors based on piecework. Turn a full day’s work into mere hours. Kickstart your job by simultaneously applying the first bed of mud and drywall tape.

Great Way To Start Automatic Taping

Even if you are new to the world of automatic taping, it is very simple to use an automatic drywall taper. Load up the tape and fill the chamber with mud using a pump and gooseneck and get going.

Easy to Clean

The Level 5 Bazooka drywall tool is easy to clean. A drywall bazooka may look complicated to clean, and any hardened mud may become more difficult than normal to clean. With a bazooka, you can easily clean the head by spraying with a power washer, but many tapers suggest keeping a cleaning bucket on site. If you want to learn how to keep your tools clean, you can read up on that by reading our cleaning guide.

Level 5 Automatic Taper Updates

Here are the latest updates to the Level 5 Automatic Taper:

  • Lighter than the previous version
  • Have a tighter grip and increased durability.
  • Increased long-term durability.
  • Improvements to cutter operation
  • A new proprietary urethane rubber internal plunger cup provides smoother operation, 100% seal and long wear life.
  • Improved tape roll assembly and tape spool 
  • The creaser trigger and its mounting base have been upgraded to precision-machined billet aluminum with hard-coat anodizing.

The Level 5 automatic taper is now lighter than before with a new hollow drive wheel which helps operate with less compound accumulation. The updated version of this automatic taper also features a lighter cutter spring that provides easier tape cutting.

The hardware mounting band has been upgraded to stainless steel to accustom to a tighter grip and increased durability.

The latest version of the level 5 automatic taper has a fully new robotically-welded, stainless steel push rod assembly as well as a precision machined stainless steel drive sprocket, providing greater strength and longer-term durability.

Improvement to cutting operation includes the following changes. The cutter rod guide and cutter change rod are now precision machined and hard-coated in anodized aluminium for smoother operation. In addition, the cutter change rod also features a new design for easy removal.

Level 5 has made a few changes to tape roll assembly and tape spool to improve tape management while using the level 5 automatic taper. First off, the tape roll assembly is now upgraded to machined billet aluminium with an additional hard-coat anodizing, and the overall design has been updated to make it easier to load a roll of tape. The next addition is there is now an adjustable tensioner on the tape spool itself that ensures the tape roll can’t freewheel when it’s not under load. Lastly, there is a heavier gauge tape roll keeper rod that doesn’t bend under the weight of the tape roll itself.

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