Must Have Dewalt Tools This Winter

Must Have Dewalt Tools

Dewalt tools are one of the most popular names in the tool industry.Creating many different types of  tools for many different types of trades. This article will cover many of the Dewalt tools used in the drywall trade. 

Dewalt Portable Radio

Before we get into seriously tough tools, let’s discuss this Dewalt tough system radio. Dewalt’s 20v Max system is a unique system of batteries tied exclusively to Dewalt. With the Dewalt 20v Max system, you can use any set of batteries 

The DCR025 DEWALT radio charger is made for the purpose of being the best and most flexible jobsite radio charger available on the market. This Dewalt radio can discharge and charge DEWALT slide pack batteries with 20V MAX* as well as FLEXVOLT’s 60V/20V MAX* with 3 amps when connected to the AC outlet. These Dewalt bluetooth radio speakers are specifically designed to have speakers, woofers, and air ports, which give clear and powerful audio at any volume. A large device storage box shields devices from harsh working conditions. It also includes the Aux and 2.1 amp USB charging port that is convenient for charging devices. Two AC Power outlets located on the sides of the unit allow users to connect additional equipment or chargers without taking up more outlets in the wall. AVRCP (Audio Visual Remote Control Protocol) lets you manage your device via the Dewalt tough system radio interface, so you can put your device in a secure space and then skip to the next track or even play the song via your Dewalt radio’s user interface.

  • It is possible to power 20V MAX and Flexvolt DEWALT Batteries as well as AC electricity cord.
  • 3 amp charging of the 20V MAX and a 60V MAX DEWALT Batteries , when it is connected to AC power.
  • Bluetooth connectivity of up to 100 feet.
  • Aux & 2.1 AMP USB Charging Ports.
  • AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Protocol) lets you control your device using an interface for radio.
  • 20 Watts per Channel Woofers, tweeters and air ports offer high-quality, rich and clear audio.
  • Two AC Outlets for power on one opposite side permit users to connect additional equipment or chargers without needing more outlets in the wall

Common Questions About Dewalt Portable Radio

Question: Does this play music from a usb stick?
Answer: No this radio will not play music from a usb stick.

Question: Will the ac outlets produce power when the radio is only powered by battery
Answer: No, the radio needs to be plugged into a wall outlet for the outlets on the side of the radio to work. The usb charging port will run off the battery alone.

Dewalt Drywall Sander

The DCE800 Dewalt drywall cordless sander features an increased duration, endurance and consistency of speed thanks to a brushless sander motor. This Dewalt cordless drywall sander uses a rapid dust extractor connection compatible with the Airlock(tm) connection that can be used together with DEWALT dust extractors. The Airlock system also grants additional control options with an adjustable speed dial. This Dewalt cordless sander can be used in difficult-to-access and small workspaces thanks to an articulating shaft and telescoping head. To effectively remove hazardous dust from the workplace, this tool is fitted with Wireless Tool Control(tm) to allow connection with compatible DEWALT dust extractors This is a version of the dewalt battery sander that is compatible with the 20v MAX system. Therefore, it is a Dewalt sander 20v. 

The DCE800 Dewalt drywall sander uses dewalt sander pads that can swap out the grit needed for the job. We stock Dewalt sandpaper discs with 120 grit, 150 grit, and 240 grit. This is a great grit for a Dewalt disc sander. 

  • Brushless motor allows for improved runtime and durability, and eliminates the need to change brushes
  • Telescoping shaft allows for easy access to confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas
  • Wireless Tool Control allows for wireless ON/OFF capability when paired with a compatible dust extractor
  • Quick, secure, and tool-free connection to DEWALT Dust Extractors via AirLock
  • Variable-speed dial to help match speed to application

Common Questions About Dewalt Drywall Sander

Question: Does this come with two batteries?
Answer:Yes, there is a version of this tool we sell that has both the batteries and the charger

Question: Does it come with the light around the disc?
Answer:No it doesn’t unfortunately

DEWALT DW089LG 12V 3 X 360 Laser (Green)

The DW089LG 12V MAX* Green 3 x 360 Laser features a 12V MAX* Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and green beam laser technology, as well as an over-molded housing and IP65 debris and water resistance rating. With double the distance reaching up to 100 feet.

  • DEWALT laser level comes with 12V MAX lithium-ion rechargeable power tool battery platform
  • Laser level tool features green beam laser technology
  • DEWALT green laser level has integrated magnetic bracket with 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch thread
  • Full-time pulse mode allows use with detector, maintains full brightness for visibility, and extends range
  • Overmolded housing and IP65 debris/water resistance
  • Locking pendulum helps prevent damage to internal components
  • Class 2 laser with an output power of less than or equal to 1.50mW

Common Questions About Dewalt DW089LG Laser Level

Question: How many batteries does this laser come with?
Answer: This laser comes with 1 Dewalt 12V Battery

Question: Does this self level? 
Answer: Yes, if it is not leveled it will blink or flash.

Dewalt Spade Drill

The Dewalt 1/2-inch Spade Handle Power Drill (DW130V) features variable speed reversible switch to reduce air bubbles when mixing mud. 120V motor of the corded electric drill delivers 0-550 rpm to increase torque for drilling and mud mixing. The Dewalt spade drill has a lightweight and comfortable grip to minimize downtime.


  • Variable speed reversible switch of the electric drill reduces air bubbles when mixing mud and offers greater control when drilling
  • 0-550 RPM provides increased torque for drilling and mud mixing of the corded drill
  • DEWALT corded drill 9.0 AMPS, 120V motor provides enough power for any job site application
  • The weight of 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) increases user productivity and decreases user fatigue
  • Soft grip handle for increased comfort
  • 2-position rear spade handle and 3-position side handle gives greater control for all drilling and mixing applications

Common Questions About Dewalt Spade Drill

Question: Can I use this Spade Drill as a screwdriver?
Answer: You can use it for a screwdriver but it is not recommended. There is no electric break so when you let go of the trigger it continues to spin until it naturally stops.

Question: How does the variable speed work? Can I make adjustments to the speed?
Answer: Yes, you can use the trigger to adjust the speed.

Dewalt Screw Gun

The 20V MAX* XR® Brushless cordless Drywall Screwgun solution for installing drywall and uses the same battery and charger as your other 20V MAX* tools. Included is a Dewalt 20v battery charger with batteries. This cordless screwgun provides greater speed than the DW272 corded screwgun, with up to 4,400 RPM. The nose cone locks on securely and can be adjusted to 3 different screw depths. To drive screws more quickly, use the compatible DCF6201 Collated Magazine Attachment with this Dewalt screwgun.

  • DEWALT built brushless motor for efficient performance and runtime
  • Nosecone locks on securely and is easily removed while maintaining consistent screw depth
  • Illuminate dark work areas and increase visibility with the LED
  • Ergonomically designed for Less worker fatigue
  • Greater speed than DW272 corded screwgun with up to 4,400 RPM
  • Compatible with the DCF6201 Collated Magazine Attachment

Common Questions About Dewalt Screw Gun

Question: Can this be used with plywood?
Answer: Yes, the 20V Max XR Brushless Drywall Screwgun can be used with plywood.

Question: What type of bits does this gun take?
Answer: This Dewalt screw gun comes with a Phillips bit but can be interchangeable.

Dewalt Chop Saw

This 14″ Dewalt Chop Saw has guiding notches that give good cut line visibility during cuts. Equipped with a powerful 1400 Watt motor that allows the saw to cut up to 6mm steel plate without the need for coolant. Parallel fence is provided as standard to help improve the accuracy of the cuts. The handy chip collection window allows user to identify when his collection chamber is full without having to open compartment to see inside. Compact in size and well balanced making it an easy to use circular saw with 63 mm depth of cut.

  • Guiding notches give good cut line visibility
  • Powerful 1400 Watt motor allows the saw to cut up to 6mm steel plate without coolant
  • Parallel fence is provided as standard to help improve accuracy
  • Chip collection window allows user to identify when his collection chamber is full without having to open compartment
  • Compact, well balanced and easy to use circular saw with 63 mm depth of cut
  • Quick and easy depth adjustment
  • Spindle lock button allows for hassle free blade change
  • Rubber rear grip gives maximum comfort and grip to the user
  • Keyless access to the chip collection chamber enables the users to empty chamber quickly and without hassle

Common Questions About Dewalt Chop Saw

Question: What is the rated rpm?
Answer: Has 4,000 RPM without load

Question: Does the saw come with a blade?
Answer: Yes, it comes with one blade.

  • Sale! Dewalt Skimming Blade

    Dewalt Skimming Blade

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Drywall Finishing Original price was: CAD $66.55.Current price is: CAD $59.89.
  • Sale! Dewalt 32" Skimming Blade

    Dewalt 32″ Skimming Blade

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Drywall Finishing Original price was: CAD $190.71.Current price is: CAD $171.64.
  • Sale! Dewalt 40" Skimming Blade

    Dewalt 40″ Skimming Blade

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Drywall Finishing Original price was: CAD $215.03.Current price is: CAD $193.53.
  • Dewalt 24″ Skimming Blade

    Rated 0 out of 5
    Drywall Finishing Original price was: CAD $142.07.Current price is: CAD $127.86.

Dewalt Skimming Blades

An essential tool for drywall finishers worldwide, a DEWALT Drywall Skimming Blade is used for smoothing and finishing wall-coated drywall compound for professional results.

DEWALT Drywall Skimming Blades feature precision European stainless-steel blades for superior strength and durability. They feature an integrated rounded front edge that keeps corners from dragging and gouging drywall compound. Built for extended daily use, DEWALT drywall skimming blades also showcase fluted handles which provide excellent control and superb grip for precise handling.

  • Patent pending extruded aluminum blade back is lightweight, but offers high strength and rigidity.
  • 0.3mm high quality, high precision European stainless steel blades that are replaceable if damaged or worn.
  • High impact, glass-filled composite end caps can be removed for quick and easy blade change

You can find Dewalt skimming blades both in store & online at Master Building Materials in 7″, 10″, 14″, 16″, 24″, 32″, 40″, 48″.

Common Questions About Dewalt Skimming Blades

Question: Does the blade come with it? 
Answer: Yes, the blades come with the package. You can replace 

Question: What is the blade made from? 
Answer: The blade is made from stainless steel

Dewalt Flat Box Automatic Taping Tool Set

Feather joint edges to perfection with a DEWALT Drywall Flat Box Set.

DEWALT drywall flat boxes feature a premium grade aluminum housing that has been hard-coat anodized for extreme durability and easy cleaning. Their composite pressure plate seal and beveled edges on the box housing ensure easy opening and closing. The pressure plate itself also opens extra wide for easy cleaning.  Our flat boxes are also outfitted with non-marring wheels with durable bearings for ultra-smooth operation.

  • Efficiently applies an even, consistent layer of joint compound to taped flat and butt joints on walls and ceilings.
  • Joint edges are feathered to perfection.
  • Flexible brass blade holder and stainless steel blade allows for proper compound application and crown.
  • Adjustable crown dial ensures the precise amount of mud.

Common Questions About Dewalt Flat Box Automatic Taping Tool Set

Question: Can this be used on the ceiling? 
Answer: Yes, you can use a flat box on ceilings and all types of flats. 

Question: Do you need a pump or can you fill it by hand? 
Answer: A pump is strongly recommended.

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