The stilts allow the user to reach higher heights on a jobsite. These stilts can be used on any job site where extra reach is needed, such as drywall installation.

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Stilts FAQs

Stilts are specialized tools used by drywall finishers to work at elevated heights comfortably without using ladders. They provide a range of height adjustments to cater to various drywall installation needs.


Stilts enable finishers to move around the workspace quickly and safely while providing height access. This reduces the need for ladders or scaffolds, increasing efficiency.


We offer Circle Brand Stilts, known for their quality and robust build. Visit our product page for more details.


While both types of stilts provide similar functionalities, magnesium stilts are typically lighter and more durable than their aluminum counterparts.


We carry Stilts in various range heights including 18"-30" and 24"-40". Browse through our selection on the Stilts product page to find the right size for your project.


The ideal stilts for your project depend on the ceiling height you're working with and your comfort level. To choose the right pair, check out our range of Circle Brand Stilts on our website.


The cost varies based on the type and size of the stilts. For specific pricing, visit our Stilts product page.


You can purchase high-quality Circle Brand Stilts from Master Building Materials.


Yes, it's essential to maintain stability while walking or stationary, avoid slippery surfaces, and ensure the straps or bindings are secure to prevent falls.


While Stilts come equipped with necessary attachments, additional padding or foot straps may enhance comfort, and safety gear should always be worn during use.