Columbia Predator Matrix Box Handle

Style: Predator (Carbon Fibre)

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Columbia was the first to introduce Carbon Fiber into the drywall tool market in 2018 with the Predator Taper. We are now proud to introduce the new additions to the Predator Family. These tools are handmade from Carbon Fiber, which allows them to be significantly lighter, stronger, dent proof and remain warm to the touch.

Predator Matrix Handle
Constructed with a focus on durability and ergonomic design, the Predator Matrix Handle improves efficiency in drywall taping applications. The lightweight design of the handle reduces operator fatigue during extended use, ensuring superior durability without compromising on performance. The ergonomic grip provides comfort and control, allowing for precise movements and reducing strain on the user’s hand and wrist.

  • Predator Matrix Handle Short 29″-39″ (PMHS) 6% lighter
  • Predator Matrix Handle 40″-60″ (PMH) 8% lighter
  • Predator Matrix Handle Long 56″-76″ (PMHL) 11% lighter

Operator convenience is paramount in the Predator Matrix Handle, with features designed to streamline the taping process. The handle’s intuitive design promotes a natural hand position, optimizing workflow and reducing the time required for each task. This attention to detail translates into increased efficiency, making the Predator Matrix Handle a valuable tool for professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and quality of work.

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Short (29" – 39"), Standard (40" – 58"), Long (56" – 76")


Predator (Carbon Fibre)


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