NorthStar Elite Automatic Taper


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Critical parts: taper head, cover cap, drive dog holder, tape runners and cable drum are precision machined from billet aluminum (6061*T6) for superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance.
All aluminum parts are anodized or finished with an exclusive chrome* look.
Tape runners and cable drum are hard anodized for a hard durable and corrosion resistant finish.
Side plates and creaser arms are constructed of stainless steel for strength.
Stainless steel drive chains.
Creaser chain and cutter chain are a leaf*style stainless steel chain.
Adjustable paw roller systems lets you run the tension you prefer and adjust for wear.
Adjustable cutter spring system allows for tension adjustment and easy blade change adjustment.
Open cutter spring system provides strength and allows for easy cleaning and lubrication.
New split cover cap allows for easy cleaning and access to cable for quick replacement.
Holds up to a 500 ft standard 2” tape roll.
Cuts tape with a simple pull.
Automatically feeds tape and mud simultaneously to reduce work time.



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