FibaFuse® 2-1/16 in. x 250 ft. Paperless Drywall Tape


Roll Size: 2 1/16" x 250'
  • 2 1/16" x 250'

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FibaFuse, the original paperless drywall tape, is a mold-resistant joint treatment that makes it easy to achieve professional results with superior performance. The open-fiber design fuses with joint compound creating a better bond and stronger joints.
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  • 76% stronger than paper tape
  • Open-fiber design eliminates blisters, bubbles, and dry spots common with paper tape
  • Thin profile provides a smooth, professional finish
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified for a safer environment
  • Ideal for use in mold-resistant drywall systems
  • Compatible with automatic taping tools or hand tools
  • Great for patch & repair work

Can I use FibaTape or FibaFuse on an inside corner?
Yes. FibaTape can be used to tape inside corners. Just fold it with one hand and press into the corner with the other. The tape is self-adhesive so it can be applied to all the inside corners before any joint compound is applied. Make sure the tape is tight into the corner without being slightly rounded. If it is rounded then it is not tight into the corner. So when a taping knife is used to apply and smooth the joint compound the taping knife could accidently cut through the tape. FibaTape does make a special tool for placing the tape into the inside corners. The dispenser type tool holds a roll of tape and actually rolls the tape tight into the corner and cuts it to the desired length. A must have tool for larger taping jobs. FibaFuse is pre-creased for corners. While you can use a taping knife, we suggest using a corner trowel for installation to prevent cutting the tape.

Where can I find LEED information on your FibaTape and FibaFuse products?
Sustainability reports exist for both FibaTape and FibaFuse products and are available upon request

Where are FibaTape and FibaFuse products manufactured?
All our FibaTape and FibaFuse tapes are made in the USA except for Perfect Finish which is made in

What type of compound should I use with FibaTape/FibaFuse?
Although FibaTape and FibaFuse products can be used with all types of compounds, we do have some recommendations for the best results. When taping regular, tapered edge seams with Perfect Finish or Extra Strength tape we recommend heavy
weight all-purpose ready-mixed compound for those that prefer all-purpose compounds. If the temperature is warm and stable and humidity is low you can also use the heavy weight compound with our other FibaTape products. FibaFuse works with all compounds but we also recommend heavy weight all-purpose if you prefer all-purpose compound. Taping and setting compounds are also great to use with our FibaTape and FibaFuse products. We suggest staying away from lightweight compounds when embedding any type of tape. Remember to always refer to the compound manufacturer’s instructions for recommended drying times.

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