Level 5 Automatic Taper w/ Quick Clean Head


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This LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper aka “Bazooka” is used to simultaneously apply the optimal amount of joint compound and tape to wall and ceiling joints. It significantly increases drywall taping efficiency by applying the first bed of mud and tape in one pass.


The LEVEL5 Automatic Drywall Taper is guaranteed to speed up your taping skills without breaking the bank. It features the latest in taping tool technology combined with LEVEL5’s outstanding 7-Year warranty.


  • Quickly apply your first bed of mud and tape in one pass.
  • “Quick-Clean” head makes cleaning your LEVEL5 automatic taper easier than ever.
  • One simple thumb screw makes popping the taper’s cover plate a breeze.
  • Premium quality precision-machined materials.
  • Many parts that are subject to wear are also compatible with other major brands.
  • High quality anodizing prevents corrosion and provides easy cleaning.
  • Unique urethane cup seal will ensure this tool works well for years.
  • 7-Year Warranty.
Weight 11.33 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 6 × 6 in

1 review for Level 5 Automatic Taper w/ Quick Clean Head

  1. Jim

    I can’t imagine how I manged to tape without this. This makes taping such a breeze.

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