Level 5 MiniShot Gas-Assisted Drywall Compound Tube w/ Ext. Handle


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The LEVEL5 MiniShot Gas-Assisted Compound Tube enables you to apply drywall finishing compound to walls and ceilings with unprecedented ease and precision.

A lightweight but powerful gas cylinder provides back pressure and enables the MiniShot to move a consistent flow of compound through a wide range of drywall finishing heads. The tool eliminates the strain of manually pushing compound through a traditional corner applicator box.

Activate your MiniShot simply by pressing it against the wall; the nozzle tip will depress to release the flow of compound. No twisting is required! You can even dial in the flow perfectly based on the consistency of your compound using the adjustment nut. The MiniShot is 45.5 inches long and extremely easy and comfortable to use by both left and right handed drywall finishers.

An oversized clear polycarbonate compound chamber enables you to see the amount of compound in the tube at all tims. It also provides outstanding capacity for less trips back to the pump.

For additional reach on high ceilings and walls, MiniShot 18” extensions can be threaded into the base of the handle. Each MiniShot includes one free 18” handle extension ($75 value) bringing the total length of the combo to 63.5 inches.


  • DRAMATICALLY SPEED UP FINISHING | The 45.5-inch long MiniShot delivers finishing compound through your favorite drywall finishing heads effortlessly and with high precision. Increase your profits by getting more jobs done faster!
  • POWERFUL FLOW | A custom gas cylinder provides powerful back pressure – double the force of competing pressurized compound tubes – enabling you to apply a wider range of compound thicknesses and achieve a more consistent flow.
  • NO-TWIST ACTIVATION | When you apply light pressure to the MiniShot against the wall the nozzle end depresses to release the flow. The MiniShot is easier on your wrists, shoulders and back.
  • ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT | A flow adjustment nut allows you to quickly dial in the compound flow to your exact preference.
  • FEWER TRIPS BACK TO THE PUMP | An oversized, clear composite chamber provides outstanding compound capacity
  • ENDLESS FINISHING APPLICATIONS >> The stainless steel ball end is compatible with the inside corner, outside corner, and flat finishing attachments from all leading manufacturers.
  • STAY OFF THE STILTS >> A free LEVEL5 18” Handle Extension is included ($75 value). Additional extensions (SKU #2-773) can also be added to extend your reach even further.
  • EASY CLEAN >> Comes with a garden hose nozzle attachment that makes cleaning fast and simple with no disassembly required.
  • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED >> Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the MiniShot is backed by the LEVEL5 “no hassle” 7-year Limited Warranty.

The LEVEL 5 MiniShot Operation

Preparing the Joint Compound
The Level 5 MiniShot gas assisted compound tube, intended to work with corner, finishers and other types of chop joint compound finishing heads.

Preparing the joint compound: We suggest starting with a joint compound that is thicker than is typically used for finishing corners. You will then thin this compound down to the consistency somewhere between what you normally use for corner finishers and finishing flat boxes. The final consistency will ultimately depend on your personal preference as well as the brand of joint compound you are using however, you need to ensure it is thin enough to flow effectively through the tool.

Filling your mini shot: To fill the mini shot with joint compound insert the filler valve on the side of the nozzle fully into the discharge tube of your joint compound top. Be sure to hold the mini shot securely against the pump during the filling process; the pressure from pumping will want to force the mini shot off the filler valve if you aren’t holding it for me in place. Continue to pump until the mini shot’s piston is forced all the way back and clear the chamber tube is full of joint compound.

Weight 8.75 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

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  1. Charlie

    The Level 5 MiniShot is an excellent tool for drywall taping. The gas-assisted feature makes it easy to use and the extended handle provides good control. Highly recommended!

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