Marshalltown Pro 3084 DuoFLEX® Compressor

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With a 1 year warranty for all the parts, MARSHALLTOWN’s DuoFlex® provides two outlets that compress air for air tools and hopper guns. This product comes with the choice of just the compressor, the compressor with the choice of a gun, or just the compressor hose and couplings. The choices of guns available are the SharpShooter® I, Sharpshooter® 2.1, SprayMate, or the QuickShooter that all have their own benefits and produce quality work. This compressor has a 1000-hour pump life and will give you more than enough PSI in air delivery. The DuoFlex® will deliver the compression you need for professional results. Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Two air outlets: one for air tools and the other for hopper guns
  • 50″ air hose included with many of the choices (28306, 16377, 16378, 16034, 16308)
  • Two gallon (7.6L) air tank capacity
  • 2 HP, 14.2 amp (115V)
  • 1000-hour pump
  • Air delivery: Minimum 8.3 CFM @ 40psi, minimum 6.1 CFM @ 90psi
  • UL and CSA Approved
  • Compressor with gun weighs 72 lbs.
  • Go to the MARSHALLTOWN website to compare the hopper guns
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials


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