TapePro Stealth Sander Inside 90° Sander Head


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The Stealth Sander is an internal 90 deg sanding tool that uses geometry to solve some typical sanding problems.
One end forms a 95 deg included angle, while the other end forms 85 deg.
The 95 deg end helps feather the outer edge of the applied plaster finish coat; the 85 deg end helps sand the apex. The transition from 85 to 95 deg is at a diagonal angle which effectively forms 90 deg.
It is best used with Wallpro Stealth Super Pads that fit perfectly and provide an excellent abrasive surface. (5 pack SCP-220-5)
[It can also be used with Trim-tex Black Widow pads or even regular round super pads]
The sander fits onto a standard corner finisher/glazer handle (CFH-1200 or CF-XH), with hook (from hook and loop) tape on the outer surface.
As the outer edge and the transition are at an angle to the direction of travel, it helps reduce scratching and lines or grooves.
The Stealth Sander provides a very quick and easy method of giving finished internal angles a final touch up.
If you do happen to have some thicker edges – this sander will remove them with ease.

  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Abrasive pad attachment using hook tape (hook and loop)
  • Acetal ball socket block for snap fit handle attachment
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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