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Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive 16 oz


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A must-have for pro drywall finishers, 847 Spray Adhesive is the key to flawlessly installing most Trim-Tex vinyl beads. A high-tack, pressure-sensitive spray, each 16oz can of 847 has been designed and tested by Trim-Tex engineers to be applied to the drywall and mud legs of your bead. Stick with the best!
Advantages: 847 Spray Adhesive is designed to give a strong bond while maintaing a workable open time so beads can be accurately positioned. Will not bleed through taping compound or paint. Once dry, product is inert. Trim-Tex 847 is a must for installing expansion products such as Magic Corner, Hideaway Expansion, or 093V & 093X-V Expansion.
Limitations: Product is designed for interior use.
Applicable Standards: Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive meets California VOC content limits. VOC content is less than 40% by weight, see MSDS for additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 15 in


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