Summer Renovation Projects

Summer Renovations 2024

The summer is the perfect time of the year to start your planned renovations. Having clear skies and warm weather makes renovations easier to complete. Here are a few of the renovations we recommend to take advantage of the warm weather and longer brighter days.

Kitchen renovation

One of the first renovations to consider during the summer is renovating your kitchen. You will want to finish your kitchen renovation before the cold months start to creep in and holidays get into full swing so you can use your kitchen to cook dinners for your family. You will also want to show off your brand new kitchen to family members over the holidays as well. 

One of the reasons renovating your kitchen during the summer is ideal is that the weather is much nicer outside. Since the weather is nicer out during the summer you can start hosting BBQ parties while the new stove, cabinets and other essentials gets installed.

Replace old windows

During the winter months, you may start to notice a draft coming from the windows. Summer is the perfect time to update your fixtures to eliminate heat from escaping your home and letting cold air in during the cold season. 

Once your windows are installed, the new windows can also help keep the cold air in and heat outdoors for the remainer of the summer. 

Having new windows installed should be taken as an opportunity to improve your home by allowing more natural light into the home. Having bigger beautiful windows will easily improve the value of your home.

Repair your front door

When renovating your windows the door is usually not far behind. For similar reasons, the door is ideally renovated in the summer. You wouldn’t want your front door to be missing during winter regardless of how fast it can be replaced. 

Improve driveway

Similar to the front door, one of the first things people notice about a home is the driveway. Of course, it’s the first thing a person sees when they pull into their home to park their car.  

If your driveway is older than 20 years old, it might be time to give that driveway a facelift. Summer is the perfect time to replace the asphalt in your driveway. If you live in a place that has snow in the winter, working on your driveway could prove to be a difficult task.

Add or refresh your deck

Nothing beats hanging out with your friends in the backyard on your deck. You don’t want that deck to fade away so it’s time to get that deck renovated. Building a deck, or refreshing your current deck, is ideally done before the start of summer so you can maximize your time with your deck in prime time. 

New paint

Believe it or not, the paint on your walls will not last forever. It is recommended to have the paint on your walls refreshed every 10 years at a bare minimum. On average, new paint should be applied every four to six years. The telltale signs of when paint needs to be refreshed are the following: 

  • Cracked, peeling, or bubbled paint on the walls,
  • Faded colours
  • Mold, water stains, or water damage
  • Scuff marks

Replace the siding or Roof Repair

Similar to how painting changes the interior of a home adding value and refreshing a new look, replacing the siding on the exterior creates a facelift effect changing the look of your home from the outside. 

In addition to creating a whole new look, roof repairs, and siding has additional benefits when the renovation is done. For instance, you should see improvements in insulation and heating costs in the winter. Any roof leaking issues you have will be resolved as well. 

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