The 5 types of drywall

The Different Types of Drywall All You Need To Know

Five Types of Drywall

Drywall goes by many different names in the industry. These names are wallboard, plasterboard, Gypsumboard, and Sheetrock. When you look at your walls you wouldn’t think that there are many different types of drywall made for specific purposes. Today we will go over the different types of drywall

Regular/Grey Drywall

The most common type of drywall is known as regular or grey drywall. The core of any drywall is gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral made from calcium sulfate dihydrate commonly found in fertilizer, plaster, and drywall. The most common sizes of this type of drywall is 4-feet by 8-feet and 4.5-feet by 8-feet with 1/2 -inch thickness.

Green Drywall (Mold Resistant)

Green drywall, otherwise known as mold resistant drywall. This reduces the chances of mold growing in your walls from moisture intensive environments. This type of drywall is most commonly found in bathrooms and places where moisture can be problematic.

Purple Drywall (Moisture Resistant)

Purple drywall, also known as moisture resistant drywall, is more durable than green drywall. Not only is it moisture resistant but it is also scratch, dent, and scuff resistant. Both green and purple drywall are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. You will also find purple drywall more commonly in hallways and more populated areas.

Type X Drywall (Fire Resistant)

No matter what type of drywall we look at they are all somewhat fire resistant. However, there is one type of drywall that is specifically made to be fire resistant. This type of drywall is called Type X. Type X drywall is at least ⅝-inches and has glass fibers added to the gypsum used to make this drywall. Type X drywall has a one hour fire rating meaning that it can withstand exposure to fires for up to one hour. This type of drywall is installed in furnace rooms and garages.

Sound Dampening Drywall

Sound dampening drywall is exactly as it sounds it reduces noise between rooms. It has the same thickness as regular drywall but it is layered differently. Sound dampening drywall consists of 2 separate 1/4-inch layers of gypsum with a membrane between both layers. This type of drywall can be used anywhere but is mostly used for studios or home recording rooms.

Which Drywall Should I Use?

As we have learned, there are many types of drywall. The most common drywall, grey drywall, is your general all purpose drywall. From there, you can specialize using green or purple for your bathroom or kitchens. You can also get these kinds of drywall in different thickness ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, ½-inch and ⅝-inch. 

If you still have questions regarding drywall, you can call our store and we will gladly get you the materials you need.

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