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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use A Drywall Bazooka

Automatic taping tools, such as the drywall bazooka, are life changing. They allow contractors to finish jobs faster while also taking most of the physical strain off the contractor’s body. However, many general contractors do not want to invest the money or time to learn a new tool. What they don’t realize is that if they did pay attention and commit to the time learning how to use an automatic taper, it would equate to a higher earning potential. We will go over the top five reasons why you should make the leap to an automatic drywall taper.

1. Applies Mud and Tapes at the Same Time

This first point may seem familiar if you have used a drywall banjo. The number one benefit of using an automatic taping bazooka is that it does two tasks at the same time. It applies mud under the tape that is applied to the wall. The fact that this is only the first reason shows how much more you gain from using a drywall bazooka over a drywall banjo.

2. Cuts Tape While it is Applied

Not only does a drywall bazooka apply mud and tape at the same time it also cuts the tape once you are done taping a joint. Using a banjo you have to manually cut the tape with a knife or tear it in order to end taping the joint. This helps as it allows you to go straight from taping one joint straight into the next joint. This allows you to handle a taping job with ease and finesse. 

3. Easier to Handle Mud

Compared to using a drywall banjo or a hawk a drywall bazooka holds more mud and requires fewer trips to the bucket to fill. In order to fill a bazooka to its full potential you will need to attach a gooseneck and then pump the mud into the bazooka. This results in a less messier and a less physically demanding action needed to reload your mud. 

4. Less Physical Strain

Speaking of physical strain, using a bazooka is the least stressful way to tape a room. Instead of manually loading up your mud on a hawk and carrying around a bucket to mud the seams between boards, you can use a bazooka to quickly tape a room resulting in less time taping and have the strain be placed on the bazooka instead of your arms and back. 

5. Can Be Used In Hard to Reach Places

Taping in hard to reach places are a pain. You have to grab a ladder and balance yourself and constantly move the ladder, bucket of mud, and tape all across the wall. With an automatic taper, they can reach up to 53-inches depending upon which model you buy. With this length you can reach up to tall walls or ceilings depending on how high the ceilings are. The bazooka itself removes the need for stilts or ladders leading to a safer taping job in the end.

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