What is trim tex?

Trim-Tex Fast Edge – What is Trim-Tex?

Trim-Tex Fast Edge is a new product from Trim-Tex Drywall Solutions. Fast Edge Roll features a hybrid paper-vinyl material which increases durability for the application of both long runs, bad framing, and uneven drywall installation. The Trim-Tex Fast Edge is the perfect tape for outside corners, sharp angles, off-angles, and short or long runs. All types of angles are covered when you use Trim-Tex Fast Edge.

What is Trim-Tex Fast Edge Used For?

Trim-Tex Fast Edge is a flexible and versatile corner bead that requires far less mud than the typical corner bead. The Fast Edge has a sharp nose with absolutely no nose bump. This speeds up the installation and finishing of the corner bead. The Fast Edges come equipped with a patented mud lock which keeps the corner held in place without the need for staples or adhesives.

What Makes Trim-Tex Fast Edge Different?

Trim-Tex Fast Edge offers three main features that make the Fast Edge different. The first is flexibility. The paper-vinyl material is flexible enough to bend in ways that fit any type of angle. The second is its adaptability to fit into numerous types of instances. Lastly is the patented Mud Lock Technology. The Mud Lock runs the entire length of the bead. These tiny ridges act as hooks and provide a bond that is three times stronger than other rolled products.

What is a drywall corner bead?

Trim-Tex corner beads are unparalleled in the world of drywall finishing. Corner beads are long angled pieces of trim that are installed along the length of outside corners. Trim-Tex corner beads are used to reinforce and stabilize corners, so the drywall boards do not move. Another reason is to hide corner seams, similar to how the tape is used to hide regular seams on installed drywall boards. It is also possible to use corner beads on inside corners as well. However, more tapers prefer using paper tape or a paper-vinyl like the Trim-Tex Fast Edge.

Who is Trim-Tex?

For those not familiar with Trim-Tex, Trim-Tex is a company that provides drywall solutions with expertise in vinyl corner beads. Trim-Tex was started by Joseph Koenig, who originally had a vinyl siding business. The first product he produced was the first J Beads. Trim-Tex’s first headquarters was in Ravenswood, Chicago, but it moved to Lincolnwood, Illinois.  

You can purchase Trim-Tex drywall products online via our store or place an order with our order desk. All Trim-Tex products are manufactured in the USA and offer a line of residential and commercial drywall finishing products.

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