Level 5 Updates

What are the Level 5 2.0 Updates?

What are the new updates to Level 5 2.0 Nail Spotter?

Here are the most recent update on Level 5 Nail Spotter. Level 5 Nail Spotter:

  • The structural structure has been completely overhauled
  • Smooth operation
  • Simplified handle mount
  • A better blade curve adjustment.
  • Simple cleaning

All structural parts are made of a stronger, aluminum that is aircraft-grade, which improves durability specifically for professional commercial use. The new aluminum body features side plates that have bevelled edges. One of the most obvious modifications in the level 5 spotter for drywall includes the sides plates. The side plates appear to be black constructed from anodized hard-coat aluminum which significantly reduces friction with the gasket of the sweep and reducing the needed push force.

The Level 5 nail spotter for drywall includes a new gasket for urethane sweep that is less prone to resistance in operation, more smooth operation and more secure seal.

This Level 5 drywall nail spotter is now fitted with a handle mount that is simplified which fits the same adapter as the LEVEL5 corner roller. The nail spotter for drywall can also be used with adapters from other top brands.

This time, the 2-” Level 5 nail spotter for drywall comes with an additional central screw for mounting the blade. This screw is to improve the curve of the blade adjustment. The hinged pressure plate can be opened wide, which allows the user to clean the product easily.

What are the new updates to Level 5 Automatic Taper?

Here are the most recent update on Level 5 Automatic Taper. Level 5 Automatic Taper:

  • Lighter than the earlier version
  • Get a better grip and greater durability.
  • Long-term durability is increased.
  • Improvements to the cutter’s operation
  • A brand new urethane rubber plunger cup inside the plunger allows for better performance, a perfect seal, and a long-lasting wear life.
  • New tape roll assembly system and tape spool
  • The trigger for creases and the base of its mounting have been upgraded to CNC-machined billet aluminum that has been anodized with hard-coat.

The Level 5 automatic taper is lighter than ever before, thanks to a new drive wheel that is hollow that allows for lesser compound accumulation. The new version of this taper also has a spring for the cutter that is lighter and allows for easier cutting of tape.

The band that holds the hardware is now made of stainless steel, which allows for the tighter grip and increase longevity.

The most recent model of the Level 5 automated taper comes with a brand new, robotically-welded stainless steel push rod assembly, as well as an exact-machined drive shaft made of stainless steel offering greater strength and long-term longevity.

The improvement to the cutting process is as follows. The guide rod for the cutter and the cutter change rod are now precision-machined and coated with anodized aluminum to provide a smoother cutting experience. Additionally, the cutter change rod is also equipped with new designs for simple removal.

Level 5 made few adjustments to the tape roll assemblies and tape spools in order to enhance tape management when using the level 5 automated taper. First, the tape roll assembly has been upgraded to machined billet aluminum and a hard coat coating, as well as the design overall has been improved to allow for easier loading of the tape roll. Another improvement is that there is now a tensioner that can be adjusted within the tape roll, which guarantees that the tape roll won’t move freely when not under stress. Additionally, there’s an extra-large rod to keep the roll in place which doesn’t break under the pressure of the roll.

What are the new updates to Level 5 2.0 Corner Box Applicator?

Here are the most recent updates on the corner box application

  • New Urethane Wiper
  • Aluminum thumb latch
  • Capacity increase
  • Sturdier handle insert
  • Black Anodized Side Plates

The applicators come with a brand new uretane wiper that allows to run smoothly the wiper that requires less force than before.

The new thumb latch is made of aluminum, that makes it easier to open the latch that is on the reverse of corner applicator.

The capacity has been increased for both the 7-inch and 8.2-inch corner box. The ability to keep the applicator in use for longer between visits for the compound bucket.

The handle insert was made to be stronger than the previous.

Black anodized side plates enhance the overall strength and high-end of this tool.

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