Whats the difference between aria luxe and aria lite

What is the difference between Aria Vent Luxe and Aria Vent Lite?

Aria Vents have been taking over the home accessory industry over the last few years. Now with the introduction of Aria Vent Lite it is now cheaper and easier than ever to get beautiful looking flushmount vents that blend into the floor, ceiling, or wall. However, Aria Vent Luxe should not be overlooked. There are several reasons why you would want to use Aria Vent Luxe over the Aria Lite versions. 

Why Should I Use Aria Vent Luxe?

The most important reason to use Aria Luxe versions instead of Aria Lite vents is that the Luxe version of the Aria Vent is constructed from 100% Powder Coated Steel ensuring longevity for years to come. When it comes to your home ventilation system the last thing you will want to do is replace the vents because of wear and tear over the years. Having your vents made from metal, rather than plastic, gives you ease of mind that it is incredibly durable when it comes to kids, pets, or accidents. 

Another reason why Luxe versions should be considered over Lite versions is that the Luxe version all come with built in dampeners giving you full control over the air flow of your vent. This allows you to release or restrict the flow of air at any time.  The Lite versions of Aria Vents need to have an accessory added to the vent to control the flow of air. 

For people looking to get the most out of their home in the long run, Aria Vent Luxe models should be considered an investment into your home improving the equity in the long run.

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Why Should I Use Aria Vent Lite?

Now that you know Aria Vent Luxe is the superior option for those that want a high quality product, why would you consider Aria Vent Lite? Aria Vent Lite is made for the budget conscious consumer. 

Aria Vent Lite is composed of 100% ABS Plastic making them safe to use and easy to install. The cost of the vent itself is also decreased up to 40% compared to the Aria Vent Luxe models. This makes it much more affordable to a wider range of potential buyers. 

Aria Vent Lite also have a much simpler way to take the cover of the vent off compared to the Aria Vent Luxe. With the Aria Vent Lite models all you need to do to remove the vent cover is to just pull them straight off. There is no need to carefully push a side plate or lock and unlock a plate. 

Overall, using Aria Vents is a great way to increase value in your home in a small way. Creating a home with flushmount vents that blend into the wall, floor, or ceiling lends to the aesthetics of the home. 

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