Fire Rated Access Panels

Fire Rated Access Panels used by drywall professionals for drywall finishing jobs. Providing a neat, clean appearance and easy accessibility in residential, commercial, and industrial construction for decades. Our panels are used to provide openings for electrical/mechanical work behind the finished surface. Aesthetically pleasing to let the back of our walls look as beautiful as the front!

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Fire Rated Access Panels FAQs

Fire Rated Access Panels are specially designed access panels that are resistant to fire. They are tested under standardized conditions to withstand heat and fire for a specified amount of time.


Master Building Materials offers the Acudor Fire Rated, Uninsulated, Wall Only Access Door. More information about other products in this category may be found on the website.


These panels are essential in buildings where safety requirements necessitate the use of fire-resistant materials, ensuring key indoor infrastructure remains accessible while resistant to potential fire hazards.


Installation of these panels is similar to regular access panels, but it's vital to ensure the fire seal is correctly fitted. Always follow the provided manufacturer's instructions.


For specific size options on the Acudor Fire Rated Access Panel or other products in this category, please visit the Master Building Materials website.


Yes, the key difference lies in the fire-resistant properties of Fire Rated Access Panels. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and limit the spread of fire while maintaining access to utilities.


Apart from occasional cleaning, fire-rated panels require little maintenance. But the condition of the panel and functionality of its door should always be regularly inspected to ensure optimal performance.


It's best to refer to the manufacturer’s specific instructions. Some fire-rated panels can be painted, but others may not in order not to compromise the panel's fire-resistant properties.


You can purchase Fire Rated Access Panels from Master Building Materials.