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How to clean drywall tools

How to keep your drywall tools clean

Hanging and finishing drywall is dirty work, and it’s easy for your drywall tools to become pretty unpleasant in a hurry while on the job as joint compound, otherwise known as mud, becomes caked onto the tools themselves. Not only is this unattractive, but it also affects the efficiency and …

What is a putty knife used for

What is a putty knife used for?

Putty knives are the backbone of any drywaller’s toolbox, and they are an essential tool. However, putty knives are the most versatile tool in your repertoire. Putty knives apply filler materials creating a tight structural seal, and such material includes drywall compound and spackle. Yet, this isn’t the other application …

How to repair drywall water damage

How to repair drywall water damage

Water damage is one of the most dreaded problems a homeowner can face. First, you have to worry about where the water damage came from and stop it immediately. After that, you may think to yourself, “can water-damaged drywall be repaired?” we are here to tell you yes, you can …

All About DeWalt Sanders

All You Need To Know About Dewalt Drywall Sanders

A Dewalt drywall sander is a versatile tool that provides the right level of control for a variety of sanding applications. Its 9-inch hook-and-loop sanding pad connects to mesh or sandpaper. It has an articulating head that allows you to reach tight spaces and provides added comfort—equipped with an Airlock …

How to hide drywall seams

How to hide drywall seams

Covering drywall seams in itself is a specialized trade. Drywall taping requires a professional with years of experience installing and finishing drywall. Improper drywall installation and taping could lead to severe problems such as cracks and bubbles. What are drywall seams? Drywall seams are when the edges of one drywall …

How to remove and prevent drywall mold

How to remove and prevent drywall mold

Removing mold can be frustrating, and if left untreated, this can lead to the air in your home becoming toxic, leading to drastic measures that need to be made to remove the mold. Although you may have green or purple drywall which is used to prevent molding, you will want …