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Can you tile over drywall square

Can you tile over drywall?

Can You Safely Tile Over Drywall? At first glance, the idea of installing tile on drywall isn’t the ideal option because drywall seems too fragile to hold the tile, but it’s the most popular material used under wall tiles. It is possible to tile over drywall where it is not …

Top 10 Most Common Drywall Questions

Top Ten Most Common Drywall Questions

Happy new year. We hope you all have a fun and prosperous 2023. Starting this year, we will be answering the ten most common drywall questions. This may be something a drywall professional already might know, but a novice will still have questions. If you are a professional and want …

The different sizes of drywall thickness

Does drywall thickness matter?

We have looked at the various types of drywall there is to select from when making your purchase. Now let’s look at the different sizes of drywall and the pros and cons of the many types of drywall sizes and whether they matter to your project or not. Drywall thickness …

Must Have Dewalt Tools This Winter

Must Have Dewalt Tools

Dewalt tools are one of the most popular names in the tool industry.Creating many different types of  tools for many different types of trades. This article will cover many of the Dewalt tools used in the drywall trade.  Dewalt Portable Radio Before we get into seriously tough tools, let’s discuss …

How to prevent bubbles in tape Instagram

How to prevent bubbles in drywall mud

No matter how cautious you are when working with drywall tape, air bubbles and blisters appear to form leaving you questioning how to prevent bubbles in drywall mud. Removing bubbles is a challenge. Not only do bubbles create an ugly aesthetic, but they also cause your drywall to decay more …

Wall vs floor vs ceiling vents

Wall vs Floor vs Ceiling Ventilation

Each vent, whether it is floor vent, ceiling vent, or wall vent, has its strengths and weaknesses. They are suited to different situations. Although it may seem minor, the location of your cooling and heating system’s air registers can significantly impact your comfort.  Many factors influence the ideal register placement …

Want to Save 10% Off Your First Order? Become a Member to Unlock Your Code!

Want to Save 10% Off Your First Order? Become a Member to Unlock Your Code!