Receptacle Mounts

Drywall Recaptacle Mounts used by drywall professionals for drywall finishing jobs. Made with high quality steel, and easily mounts directly to the wall surface with an included wall anchors. The Recaptacle Mounts are designed to hold your receptacle in the correct location while installing drywall panels, or other similar products.

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Receptacle Mounts FAQs

Receptacle Mounts are primarily used to securely fix power sockets or outlets in the drywall, thereby providing a clean and professional finish.


Based on the provided data, available models include the Aria Flush Drywall Receptacle Mount [Luxe], the Aria Flush Drywall Receptacle Mount [Lite], and the Aria No-See Receptacle Mount [Luxe].


Aria Flush Drywall Receptacle Mounts are designed to sit flush with the surface of the drywall, while Aria No-See Mounts are designed to minimize the visibility of the receptacles.


Choosing the correct Receptacle Mount would depend on your requirements, the aesthetics of the room, the type of receptacle used, and specific drywall thickness.


Generally, Receptacle Mounts can be installed easily with the help of suitable tools and following the manufacturer's guidelines. It's recommended to hire a professional if you're not confident to handle it yourself.


You can purchase different models of Receptacle Mounts at Master Building Materials.


Regular cleaning and checking for any damages are essential for maintaining the longevity and functionality of Receptacle Mounts. Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines.


When installing Receptacle Mounts, always switch off the main power supply to avoid any electrical accidents. Always follow the user manual and wear necessary protective gear.


While Receptacle Mounts are primarily used in drywall finishing, their usage could extend to other applications depending on the product specifications.