Drywall finishing tape needs to be a perfect match for your drywall. It needs to stay put and capture the seams so you can apply a smooth finish over it. That’s where our tapes come in handy; we offer several different grades of tapes for all kinds of jobs, from fast fixes around the house to professional drywall finishing.

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Tape FAQs

Drywall finishing tape is essential for covering seams between drywall sheets, corner joints, and patching holes or reinforcing weak areas in the drywall.


There are various types of tapes available for different applications, including paper tape, fiberglass mesh tape, metal corner tape, and specialty tapes like painter's tape, masking tape, and aluminum foil tape.


Each drywall finishing tape serves a specific purpose:

Paper Tape: suitable for covering seams and corners
Fiberglass Mesh Tape: used for joints, resisting cracks, and reinforcing weak areas
Metal Corner Tape: ideal for creating clean, crisp corners
Painter's Tape: designed for masking surfaces during painting
Masking Tape: general-purpose tape for light masking and bundling
Aluminum Foil Tape: used for sealing joints in ductwork

In most cases, paper tape or fiberglass mesh tape is recommended for covering seams and joints. Both types provide strength and durability when applied correctly.


The cost of drywall finishing tape varies depending on the type, size, and brand. Prices can range from a few dollars per roll to higher amounts for specialty tapes or bulk purchases.


You can purchase high-quality drywall finishing tape at most home improvement stores, online retailers, or specialty stores that cater to the construction and building materials industry.


The width and length of drywall finishing tapes vary according to their type and purpose. Common widths range from 1.5 to 4 inches, and lengths can be anywhere from 50 to 500 feet per roll.


Application methods differ based on the type of tape being used. In general, drywall finishing tape should be applied to a layer of joint compound, then covered with additional joint compound layers, feathering out the edges to create a smooth finish.


Store drywall finishing tape in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Always follow the storage instructions provided on the product packaging.


If the specific type or size of drywall finishing tape you need is currently out of stock, ask store associates for assistance in placing an order or contact an online retailer to explore alternative brands and options.