Lightweight and extremely durable, our Hawk Drywall Finishing Tools are the perfect finishing tools for use on your next drywall project. With our selection you’ll be able to match the right tool for any task

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Hawks FAQs

A hawk is a tool used to hold and transport drywall compound to the work area. It typically consists of an aluminum or magnesium plate with a handle that allows for easy maneuvering.


Common types of hawks include aluminum hawks with wood, Durasoft, or Ergo-Grip handles, magnesium hawks with wood or ProForm handles, and the Dewalt Blackhawk.


Aluminum hawks are lightweight and durable, while magnesium hawks are even lighter and provide a smoother finish due to their low friction properties.


The size of the hawk is largely a matter of personal preference, but most hawks range from 12 to 16 inches in width. Choose a size that fits comfortably in your hand and is appropriate for the amount of drywall compound you need to transport.


Hawks typically come with wood, Durasoft, Ergo-Grip, or ProForm handles. Look for a handle that provides a comfortable grip and reduces fatigue during use.


A swivel ring system allows for greater mobility of the hawk, enabling you to get into tight spaces and corners more easily.


After each use, clean your hawk with a dry cloth to remove any excess drywall compound. Avoid using water, as it can cause corrosion. Store your hawk in a dry and protected place to prevent damage.


Yes, a hawk can be used in conjunction with other drywall taping tools like taping knives, corner trowels, and joint knives.


Yes, the Dewalt Blackhawk is designed for use by professionals in the drywall finishing industry. It features a durable aluminum plate and a comfortable handle for extended use.


Discover our wide range of high quality hawks for drywall finishing projects at Master Building Materials. Our selection includes aluminum and magnesium hawks with a variety of handles, as well as the Dewalt Blackhawk.