How to clean Fittes Aria Vents and Envisivent

How to clean Fittes Aria Vents and Envisivents?

Fittes Aria Vents are easy to clean. If you are going to clean your vent, all you need to do is slide and remove the tray or plate. Then open the dampeners and clean out the vent. 

For permanent Envisivents, these vents are designed to be a permanent fixture to your vent and wall. These cannot be removed and cleaned. As for the removable Envisivent, you can detach the magnetically attached cover and clean the vent and cover. 

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Why You Need To Clean Air Vents

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining a clean home ventilation system is important to the health of your home and the people who live within it. The human body and other inhabitants such as dogs and cats generate contaminants which include things like dust and dander.

Home ventilation systems cycle air up to seven times in a single day. While the air gets circulated, contaminants get caught in the ducts. These contaminants include allergens, asbestos, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, formaldehyde, mold, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, radon, organic compounds, and smoke. Once cleaned, your home ventilation system will start to cycle clean air.

Save Energy and Money

According to some studies, almost 40% of the energy used for your home ventilation system is lost due to a dirty heating and cooling system. Contaminants in your heating system force it to work almost twice as hard to circulate your air. 

Why is there dirt streaking around my vent?

There are two common reasons why dirt is streaking around your vent. The first common source of dirt streaking is generally from inside the room itself from aspects such as carpeting, candles, pets, and people. 

The second most common source of dirt streaking around your vents comes from unsealed openings. These openings can be found through drywall or a subfloor. When this occurs, insulation particles or other contaminated particulates sourced from unconditioned air are pulled into the airstream causing them to clash with conditioned air causing them to be stretched across the surface conditioned air is blowing on. This leaves behind the dirty dark streak marks found around the outside of a vent.

How to prevent dirt from streaking around my vent?

The first thing you need to do is determine the source of the dirt streaking around your vent. Once that is solved you can start taking action to prevent this in the future. If the equipment feeding the vents is clean you can rule out filter or duct leakage issues. This leaves you with only two options: contaminants in the room itself or unsealed openings. 

One common solution for commercial buildings is to install anti-smudge rings. These are most commonly found in restaurants where a ring of sheet metal is installed around the vent causing the air to be pushed down into the room rather than spread across the ceiling. 

If the problem is having unsealed openings from boot penetrations, such as ceiling vents, you can solve that by closing the openings. Unsealed openings can easily be solved with a bit of caulking around the air vent. The caulk will create an airtight seal and stop unconditioned air and conditioned air from entangling and being spread across the surface area. 

Do vents from Fittes and Envisivent have dirt streaking?

Vents from Fittes and Envisivent nearly negate all boot penetrations from occurring, removing one of the most common causes for having dirty streaks around your vents. Not only does it remove unsealed openings but it creates a completely flushed ventilation solution giving your home a modern fresh look. 

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