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Move the dust and dirt out of your way without all the hard work. This collection of brooms and mops is designed to make sweeping, mopping and cleaning easier than ever.

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Brooms & Mops FAQs

Push brooms, corn brooms, dust mops, sponge mops, and microfiber mops are commonly used in the drywall finishing industry.

A push broom with stiff bristles is best for sweeping drywall debris, as it effectively captures and removes large particles.

When selecting a mop for cleaning drywall dust, look for one with a microfiber or dust mop head, as these types of mops are designed to attract and retain fine particles, providing effective cleaning.


Yes, there are versatile mops available that can be used for both wet and dry applications in the drywall industry. Look for adjustable or interchangeable mop heads that can be used for different cleaning tasks.


For dust control during drywall sanding, consider using a drywall sanding mop with specialized dust-controlling fibers. These mops are designed to trap and hold dust particles, minimizing airborne dust.


After using a broom or mop for drywall finishing, remove any debris or dust from the bristles or mop head. Wash the mop head or bristles with mild soap and water, and allow them to air dry. Store the broom or mop in a clean, dry place to prevent mold or mildew growth.


Yes, there are specialized brooms and mops designed for cleaning and maintaining drywall tools and equipment. Look for small handheld brushes or mops with soft bristles that can effectively remove dust and debris from tools and equipment.


Attachments and accessories such as broom handles with adjustable lengths, mop wringers for squeezing excess water, and broom holders for convenient storage can enhance the performance and usability of brooms and mops in drywall finishing.


You can find a wide selection of brooms and mops specifically designed for the drywall finishing industry at Master Building Materials.

Brooms and mops designed for the drywall finishing industry incorporate features like ergonomic handles, durable bristles, and efficient cleaning mechanisms to make sweeping, mopping, and cleaning tasks easier and more effective.