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Steel Studs

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Steel studs are support beams used as the base support of any wall. These studs were once commonly made from wood as it was cheaper than metal in the past, however, as time persisted so did manufacturing in metal working. Steel studs are just as common as wood studs now and even found in residential projects. 

Steel studs are much more consistent in quality over wooden studs. They are cut to precise measurements and arrive on the job site in a predictable manner. Steel studs are also impervious to fire, insects such as termites, rotting, and other hazards that wooden studs are susceptible to. 

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal, also known as flat metal is a piece of metal that is as flat as a sheet. Sheet metal is a fundamental material used in metalworking. Sheet metal’s basic form is crucial for all types of trades including framing, metalworking, HVAC, and more. 

Metal Corners

Metal Bead Image

Metal corners are used to reinforce the strength of a wall’s corner as well as give a smooth finish. Metal corners are preferred over paper corners as metal corners are easier to finish with joint compound. Now, there are other options other than metal corners called vinyl beads that are more flexible than metal corners.

Steel Channels

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Steel channels are used to bridge steel studs together. Channels are attached to steel studs with either clips or welds. Using a channel is the most common method of bridging studs and strengthening the framing of a structure.

Steel Tracks

Multi-slotted track

Steel tracks are used for encasing steel studs in a rigid fashion. Tracks are a u-shaped piece of metal that runs along the top and bottom of a frame. You need to have a track that is the same size of the stud you are installing.

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