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NorthStar Adjustar™ Extendable Flatbox Handle

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The AdjuStar™ Extendable Flat Box Handle adjusts from 40 to 62 inches and is lightweight at only 3 pounds. Fits all major brands of flat boxes.
Anodized aluminum handle.
Hard anodized inner tube (profile tube).
Ergonomically designed hand grips for comfortable use.
Extends from 40” to 62” creating flexibility.
Activator plate has been heat treated and then heat treat nickel plated for durability.
Hard chrome pinch brake roller.
Brake lever nyliner bearings inserted into the brake lever pivot bushing (no possibility of seizing and breaking connection rod);Stainless steel connection rod.
Hard coated pinch brake in combination with hard coaedt brake rod for extended wear;No-pinch brake lever handle grip cover.



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