Level 5 Skimming Blade Extension Handle Old-Style


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Manufactured with high-quality fiberglass, aluminium, and high-impact ABS composite LEVEL5 Skimming Blade and Compound Roller Extendable Handles offer lightweight handling while maintaining rigidity and durability. The most popular handle size for both skimming blades and compound rollers is the medium (37-63″) handle because it can be used for a variety of wall and ceiling finishing applications. The long-length (48-87″) extendable handle for both tools is a great option for greater comfort and reach when applying mud on higher ceilings and elevated wall spaces.

When using a skimming blade, an adapter is required. There are two adapter choices depending on whether you are using an aluminum body or a composite body skimming blade. However, the attachment of a compound roller can be accomplished without the need for an adapter.


  • Unique snap-in attachment to prevent rotation under pressure during use.
  • Manufactured using fiberglass and aluminum.
  • Lightweight but more rigid and robust than competitive handles.
  • Rubber grip on the bottom for comfort.
Weight 1.28 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 38 in


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