Muddskip Heavy Duty 3-in-1 Drywall Additive


Version: Heavy Duty

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Muddskip Drywall Additive is a REVOLUTIONARY product that transforms existing drywall products, both dry mix and premix formulas, into a product that looks like plaster, acts like plaster and performs like plaster as a drywall mudd. Obtain a SMOOTH FINISH with less labor, less time, and No Sanding.
The Heavy Duty 3 in 1 for Base Coat and Skip Finish can be added to dry quickset mix. It transforms the quick set into a smooth base coat that can be finish coated within minutes of application to complete the skip trowel finish you desire. Ready for primer and paint the following day. Beautiful and consistent results have been shown with all leading drywall joint compound manufacturers’ products in our testing.
Find out more about MuddskipTM 3in1 Drywall Additives in this press release.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Thoroughly mix in ONE Muddskip BAG or 3 lbs. from Muddskip bucket into one bag, box, or bucket of joint compound (typically 18 lbs bag, 3.5 lbs box, or 4.5-gallon bucket size). Reduce the Muddskip amount proportionally if using a partial joint compound bag, box, or bucket amount. Add water as needed for mixing and application.

Why MuddskipTM Additives?
Tested and made with quality materials in the USA, the Muddskip line of products are assured to be the best performing and best value products to give professional results every time.

  1. Faster Jobs – Muddskip can cut your time in half or more and drying time is substantially reduced.
  2. No Sanding – This singular advantage would make Muddskip well worth using it. Think about it.
  3. Saves Money – Time is money for the professional. Jobs that would normally take 2-3 days are reduced to one day.
  4. Easier to Apply – Muddskip is easy to mix and glides on your drywall much smoother than before.
  5. Stronger Bonds – Easily fill cracks and holes without needing taping and added supports because of the Heavy Duty 3in1 strength. Dries faster to allow added support for wall defects and corners.
  6. Doubles Coverage – Without sanding removal of half of your mud, Muddskip can save you money and double the wall area you can cover. Be sure to try Muddskip as soon as possible for your next job. Contact us and we will be glad to get Muddskip additives to you.
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3 LB Bag, Pail (5 Gal)


Heavy Duty


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