Trim-Tex Fast Edge Roll


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Are You Ready to Roll? The next generation of corner bead, known far and wide for having the quickest installation on the market while using the least amount of mud — Fast Edge® — will soon be available in a convenient, highly flexible rolled form in four widths: 2.75″, 3.25″, 3.75″ and 4.50″. Tackle off-angle inside and outside corners faster than ever, while our patented mud locks featured on the bead’s paper-covered vinyl core provide unmatched bond strength and durability.

checklist icon COVERS ALL ANGLES
checklist icon EASY TO INSTALL
Quick Guide
Before Installation:
Measure, cut, and dry fit the bead.
Step 1: Use all-purpose to mud set in place.
Step 2: Place Fast Edge Roll in the corner and adjust it, if necessary. Wipe off excess mud.
Step 3: Apply a skim coat to the edges of the corner. Final coat where necessary.
Advantages: Made from rust-proof, dent-resistant PVC to reduce job site and handling damage.
Limitations: The product is designed for interior use.
Applicable Standards: Rigid PVC products made by Trim-Tex achieve a Class A rating for flame spread and smoke developed when tested under ASTM E84.
Surface Characteristics: Trim-Tex products are made from PVC. PVC does not support combustion and is self-extinguishing when the source of flame or heat is removed.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Roll Size

2.75" x 100', 3.25" x 100', 3.75" x 100', 4.50" x 100'


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