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CanAm Box Filler – Fad or Productivity Hack?

CanAm has released a new attachment for their compound tubes. This attachment increases your productivity when it comes to filling your flat boxes. A drywall flat box is a box filled with mud but with a troweling edge used to feather the mud consistently. You run it along joints with tape to apply coats of compound. Flat boxes come equipped with an adjustable blade tensioner that is used to feather the mud adjusting for the correct thickness of mud applied to a joint. To learn more about flat boxes we recommend reading our ultimate guide to drywall flat boxes. Now, let us discuss why you should consider investing in a compound tube and box filler adapter.

Why should you use a compound box filler over a compound pump?

Typically, drywall flat boxes are filled using a pump that fits inside a bucket that is filled with mud. CanAm has created a new compound applicator that attaches itself to a compound tube so instead of having to manually pump the mud into the box you can easily fill the tube and then push out the compound into the box. This should improve your productivity as you do not need to manually pump the compound into the box. 

Using a box filler is an economic solution compared to owning a compound pump and has no risk of being damaged as it is a solid piece of plastic with no mechanical parts. The locking mechanism is made from a simple socket alignment system instead of a spring-based system. The main advantage of using a drywall compound tube over a pump is that the compound tube is a versatile drywall tool. Not only does it have an adapter for box filling, but compound tubes are used for both corner taping and flat joint taping.

What else can compound tubes do?

CanAm has a wide range of products that are compatible with flushers, adapters, and corner finishers which are essential tools for taping and finishing corners. There is also a flat adapter which can be used to pre-fill your joints before applying the tape. CanAm’s newest compound tubes have a quick-release latch which allows the tubes to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

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