How to use a corner roller

How To Use Drywall Corner Roller Finishing Tool

A drywall corner roller is an essential part of the finishing process, and it is an easy-to-use tool that is useful for setting tape on both sides of an inside drywall or plaster corner. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum, this roller is very durable, meaning that the roller can take a lot of abuse and use before needing replacement. Corner rollers are reusable and not necessary to repurchase after every job, and this tool will last for many years if you take care of it properly.

Columbia’s Inside Corner Roller (COBCR)

This tool is made with a high-quality cast aluminum roller body. The wheels are surrounded by an aluminum-reinforced stainless steel cover that prevents them from being damaged by rust or when dropped. Pair your corner roller with a Columbia One Extendable handle. It is constructed out of a telescopic plastic base with a contoured design for a comfortable grip. The end of the tool is threaded for extended reach. It is ideal for homeowners and professionals who don’t have long arms.

Level 5 Inside Corner Roller (4-707)

Level 5 Corner Rollers are an essential part of the finishing process. Use your Inside Corner Roller to embed drywall paper tape in the corners and prepare them for the angle head you will use to finish the corner. Level 5 also makes these tools as well. These tools are durable and come with a 5-year limited warranty. Level 5 has been in the drywall industry for over 25 years and is committed to continuous innovation, thus, we are proud to be a part of their Canadian dealer program. They continue to develop new products and improve the existing ones to meet the needs of a growing industry.

Experts Say

If your corner roller has a rust-like appearance on the wheels themselves, it’s not rust. The colour comes from the chemical compound interacting with the tool since it is heat-treated. The heat treatment allows the tool to have a lifespan of up to five years without affecting performance.

How To Use A Drywall Corner Roller

If your corner roller is fresh out of the box, you will want to attach it to a handle and then dunk it in a bucket of mud so the roller is prepped and you will have a higher quality output/finish in the end. When your corner roller is full of mud, it will leave a layer of mud on the inside of your drywall corner allowing you to roll it all in one simultaneous motion, rather than using a manual hand tool.

You will want to start your corner roller in the middle of the corner. If you start at the top or bottom, there is a chance you will drag the tape with the roller instead of embedding it. Once you have gone over the corner tape lightly, go over it again and give it a tight push. After using your corner roller, you can then use a corner flusher. We have corner rollers from multiple brands such as Columbia Tools and Level 5.

Pro Tip!

You will want to glaze the corners with your corner flusher before moving on to the next room or corner. The reason behind this is that it is unfavorable and more work to have your mud dry before you finish that corner.

Columbia has put together a great guide on how to use a drywall corner roller that we used as the base for this article.

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