How to repair holes in drywall

How to Fix Drywall Damage of Any Size

One of the most daunting tasks for a homeowner is fixing holes that occur in your drywall. Whether you bang the walls moving furniture or have cracks because of the wear and tear of time, you will need to eventually repair your drywall. We are here to tell you it’s easier than you think to do your own drywall repair.

Tools Needed for Fixing Drywall

No matter the size of the hole you will need these tools to make the repair. Utility knife, putty knife or drywall knife, sandpaper, joint compound, spackling paste, and a cloth.

For small drywall repairs, you will need a utility knife, a putty knife, and some sandpaper. For larger holes, you’ll also need a hand saw, a screw gun, a piece of scrap lumber, a piece of drywall scrap, and some drywall screws. For repairs of either size, will also need some spackle, joint compound, gloves, and a damp rag.

Fixing Drywall Cracks

How to Fix Cracks in Drywall

The first thing you will want to do is open the crack enough to place spackling paste into the opening. Then, use your putty knife to smooth the spackle over the cracks and scape away the extra spackle. Make sure the entire area is covered or else the crack may spread and your work will be null. Let the spackle dry. Once done drying, lightly sand the repaired area. Lastly, paint the repaired area to cover up any patches that may appear.

Repairing small holes in drywall

How Do I Fix Small Holes in Drywall?

For small dents in your drywall all you need is a small amount of spackle and a putty knife. First clean the surface of the wall where it is damaged. Then place some compound into the hole and damaged area with the drywall knife. Smooth out the mud, let it dry then sand off the area to make it smooth and paint. That’s all you need to do for small holes. Let us take a look at medium-sized holes.  

Repairing medium holes in drywall

How Do I Fix Medium-Sized Holes in Drywall?

For medium-sized holes, holes that are smaller than four inches, you will need a patch kit or enough drywall mesh tape for the hole. First, place drywall mesh tape or patch kit over the opening of the hole. Now, apply the spackle, or mud, to the hole and let it dry. Finally, sand smooth and paint.

How to repair holes in drywall

How Do I Fix Four Inch or Larger Holes in Drywall?

 For larger holes, you will need to have a piece of drywall in order to make the fix. Before making the fix, make sure that there are no wires or exposed electrical circuits near your work area. If so, shut off the power. It is better to be safe in situations like this. 

You will then need to cut out a section to place the new drywall patch. You can use one of our kits to help measure and cut the hole. If you prefer making the cut yourself make your measures and cut out the drywall with a jab saw. 

Next, apply mud around the edges that were just cut out then install a support with wood. Make sure the wood is at least ¾-inch thick and 2 inches wide. In the middle of the hole, place your support rod through the hole and inside the drywall and screw the support into place. 

Now it is time for the scrap of drywall. Make sure there is at least a quarter of an inch of space between the scrap of drywall and the part of the wall that needs to be replaced. Next, tape the scrap of drywall with drywall tape then screw the scrap into the wood support that was installed previously. Apply a thin layer of compound across the patch job covering all seams. Once done, let it dry and sand accordingly. Finally, prime then paint the repair area.

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