top 10 automatic and semi automatic taping tools

The 10 best automatic taping tools & semi-automatic taping tools

We have put together a list of the top 10 automatic and semi-automatic taping tools. Whether you are a novice, journeyman, or master, step up your drywall taping game with these 10 automatic and semi-automatic taping tools. Our list includes top brands such as Columbia ToolsLevel 5 tools and many more.

1. Corner Finishers

Corner finishers used for inside corner finishing. Corner finishers are also known as angle heads and are the premier tools for corner finishing. They are used for applying both a bed and finishing coats for both sides of an inside corner. The mud is applied to each side simultaneously, cutting down your application time in half. 

2. Corner Boxes

Corner compound boxes are similar to compound tubes; however, they are used with an angle head instead. The reason is that you cannot get the same type of leverage as a compound tube, so you are not getting the quality finish you are looking for.

3. Compound Tubes

Compound tubes are an accessory for applicators and corner flushers which allows you to run mud while using either an applicator or corner flusher. You attach the corner flusher to the compound after filling the tube with mud then run the corner flusher along the inside corners. This helps save time in the corner finishing process as you can apply the mud at the same time while finishing the corner.

4. Corner Flushers

Corner flushers are similar to corner finishers, with the critical difference being that flushers are not as precise as angle heads and require more clean-up and sanding. However, corner finishers last longer than a corner flusher, albeit more fragile than a flusher. Flushers can take much more of a beating between the two tools. If you want to learn more about the differences, read our ultimate guide to angle heads.

5. Automatic Tapers

Automatic tapers quickly apply both mud and tape at the same time. The advantage of using an automatic taper is that it gives you the option to apply muddy tape promptly and cut at precise lengths. Unlike a tape puller or banjo, where you have to cut the tape manually. This saves a considerable amount of time.

6. Electric Cordless Sander

Electric cordless sanders are an all-encompassing tool for sanding down any bumps or irregularities. Electric sanders quickly provide a smooth sanding experience removing the physical strain on your body.

7. Corner Rollers

Corner rollers are used for embedding tape into corners for corner finishing. Drywall corner rollers eliminate air bubbles and excess compound from under the tape that is applied to the corner. It may be a simple tool but extremely handy for tapers.

8. Flat Boxes

Drywall flat boxes are an automatic taping tool used for coating drywall tape seams. They not only apply mud but feather the edges simultaneously, requiring less time while remaining accurate in applying mud.

9. Nail Spotters

Nail spotters are similar to flat boxes but are used for mudding nails instead of drywall seams. They are smaller boxes with an opening between 2 – 3 inches, which makes them perfect for quickly covering nail spots. 

10. Drywall Compound Pumps

Drywall compound pumps are a valuable tool for filling up automatic tools and, in some cases, are necessary. For example, a pump and a gooseneck are required to fill an automatic drywall taper. Otherwise, a box filler attachment for flat boxes and other tools will be sufficient.

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