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We stock a wide variety of all Trim-Tex products in-store at all times. We are also more than happy to fulfill special orders of stock that we do not have in-hand at the moment! To ensure that we can provide you with the correct building materials for your next project, please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Corner Beads

Trim-Tex vinyl beads are a both durable and flexible corner finishing bead. Trim-Tex corner beads can withstand strong blunt force damage due to the vinyl material it is made from. On top of the durability and flexibility, vinyl beads are lightweight, mold-proof and rust-proof.

  1. Standard Corner Bead
  2. Mud Set Beads
  3. Chamfer Beads
  4. Bullnose Beads
  5. Fast Edge Corners
  6. Decorative Corner Beads

Commercial Beading

Trim-Tex commercial beading  is the perfect corner solution for commercial and industrial settings. Find a wide range of trim-tex beads in store. Give us a call or email ahead to inquire more about this product.

  1. Deflection Beads
  2. Shadow & Reveal Beads
  3. Expansion Beads
  4. J & L Beads
  5. Tear-Away Beads
  6. Acoustical & Ceiling Beads
  7. Fast Cap Beads

Code Compliance Beading

Trim-Tex’s first ever sound and fire rated drywall accessories are on the market today. While sealents will eventually harden and eroded over time these fire and sound rated accessories last the entire lifetime of the products. These accessories also help pass fire and sound codes and stay up to date. 

  1. Sound Rated
  2. UL Fire Rated

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