Why You Should Use An Automatic Taper

Why You Should Invest in Automatic Taping Tools

If you’re a professional drywaller and want to increase the efficiency of your work, you may want to invest in Automatic Taping Tools. These tools are relatively expensive and generally have a long learning curve to fully master. However, they are also an excellent option for growing your business and can significantly reduce the cost of labor. The following are some reasons why you should invest in automatic tapers: they will save you time and money, and they can be used on a regular basis.

Increase Your Efficiency and Profitability

Automatic tapers typically require that you thin the compound with water before you start applying it. This is especially important when working in corners. We suggest using Machine Mud as there is a higher glue content in this mud, making it thinner. The more glue you put into the compound, the better the bond between the tape and the surface. If you use less glue, you will get less adhesive and a higher percentage of peeling and blistering. Buying automatic tools for drywall installation is a smart move and you’ll enjoy the increased efficiency and profitability that they offer.

Automatic Tapers are also easy to use and are faster than manual taping. They apply tape and joint compounds simultaneously, allowing you to coat inside corners and eliminate imperfections. The automatic tapers also compensate for slightly out-of-square corners and will automatically adjust for them. They’re great for sloppy jobs and can save you time and money. They’re also great for home improvement projects. The advantages of automatic tapers are numerous, and you’ll be amazed at the efficiency and speed of their work.

Automatic Tapers Are Incredibly Convenient

Another great benefit of automatic tapers is that they are convenient. Not only do they help drywall contractors get better results, but they also help them stay on schedule. The tapers also help them save time because they’re more consistent than hand taping. You can adjust the automatic taper to reach the consistency needed for the job.  

Hand-operated tools require frequent trips to the mud bucket to fill up the drywall joint compound. Automatic taping tools hold more mud within the tool itself meaning fewer trips to the bucket. With automatic taping tools, you also use a pump to feed the compound into the tool. Choosing one that works for you will greatly increase your efficiency.

Speed Up Your Process

Automatic taping tools can help you finish drywall more quickly and easily. In addition to offering an automatic taper, we also sell other automatic taping tools such as angle boxes and flat boxes. We offer tools from multiple brands in various budget ranges. Giving you cost effective systems which are easy to use and are designed to fit any drywall contractor.

Automatic taping tools are not for everyone. They are not for amateur drywallers and aren’t the best choice for small remodeling jobs. However, using these drywall tools is great for  high-volume drywall work, it is a great option for professionals. Although they can be expensive to purchase, they can save both labor costs and time. In addition, they can also increase the quality of work done. When you invest in automatic taping tools, you’re investing in the future of your business.

The automatic taping tools are available in a wide variety of sizes. The Ames brand, which now includes TapeTech, is the original automatic tool. We offer the Ames system nationwide through our storefronts. While TapeTech’s system is more expensive, it does offer a wide range of features. Its 7-inch to 15-inch drywall flat box, 2 and 3-inch nail spotter, and corner finishers are available for purchase.

Automatic taping tools are very helpful for professionals who do drywall. These tools are capable of applying tape and mud to joints at the same time. The best part of these tools is that they’re extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about investing in something expensive and having it break on you in a month or two. Therefore, if you’re a professional drywaller, you should consider investing in an automatic taping tool

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