Flush vs Framed Fittes Aria Vents

What is the difference between Fittes Frame Vents and Fittes Flush Vents?

Fittes has been bringing products to the home that creates a minimalist look with their flush vents, niches, receptacle mounts and more. Fittes framed vents are a new addition to their Aria Vent line of vents. Let us take a look at why you may want to use Fittes frame vents over flush vents in certain cases.

Fittes Framed Wall Vents

The Advantages of Using Framed Wall Vents

Framed wall vents are a DIY-friendly version of flush wall vents that can be installed at any point in time. Instead of being flush against the wall or ceiling the framed vent will sit atop the surface. The installation process is quick and easy with a drop-in design that can replace your current vent designs.

The Disadvantages of Using Framed Wall Vents

The disadvantage of using a framed vent is that the vent does not sit flush against the surface. Framed vents act more like a typical vent in this instance. Instead of having a flush appearance the vent will look like it is on top of the surface of the wall or ceiling.

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Fittes Flush Wall Vents

The Advantages of Using Flush Wall Vents

Flush Aria Vents are installed with a drywall bead allowing for a seamless ultra-minimal surface. The Fittes flush wall vents are perfect for those that are remodelling or building their home. It creates a flush look that is built into your home and does not appear to be sitting on top of the surface.  

The Disadvantages of Using Flush Wall Vents

The one drawback to using a flush wall vent is that it can only be used on surfaces that use drywall. Flush wall vents also cannot be installed any time it needs to be installed before the drywall is taped. Flush vents need to be mudded and contoured into the wall.  

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